Efficient warehouse processes with ScanOne.

We have created the mobile scanning solution ScanOne, that will allow you to build more efficient warehouse processes. With ScanOne, daily warehouse operations are run through a handheld computer, where you can manage rearrangements, picking lists, deliveries, and much more. Thanks to this solution, you can streamline your warehouse processes, as well as increase your delivery precision.


With ScanOne, you can easily scan the barcode and see all the information about that particular item. By letting ScanOne manage all input, you can save a lot of time on manual input, and reduce the risk of manual errors.

Project Management


Inventory and update your stock values with ScanOne by scanning the product’s barcode and then entering the number of products.


Do you need to work with multiple warehouses and storage locations, but experience decreasing productivity due to the fact that the rearrangements have to be done manually at a desktop computer? With the help of ScanOne, you can save valuable time, as you can use the scanner to move items between different warehouses and storage locations.


Goods receipt

ScanOne provides smooth handling of deliveries, which enables easier goods receipt directly in the scanner.


Deliver your released orders using the Pick/Pack function. The user selects from released picklists and then scans the items included, in connection with the packing. Since each article must be scanned for it to be possible to proceed, the risk of something going wrong or of missing an article is reduced. This means that you can increase your delivery precision and thus also customer satisfaction.


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