SAP Business One

Introducing the future of ERP’s

SAP Business One is a complete ERP, built with the purpose of supporting the needs of small and medium sized organizations. The system is delivered in the cloud och gives immediate access to all your company’s information.

The solution covers basically all parts of your organization. Here, you can manage everything from accounting, business opportunities, sales and customer relations, to payments, stock and inventory, resource management, production orders, prognoses and personnel data.


Financial Management

SAP Business One consists of a complete set of tools that will help you manage your finances and makes your accounting activities more efficient. The system automates daily accounting tasks, for instance the ledger and journal entries, tax calculations, and transactions that involve multiple currencies.

You can manage your entire financial organization, including account statements and payments. In addition, you can manage the cash flow, keep track of budgets and compare your real time strategy with the desired one, to make sure to be up-to-date on the situation of your organization. By integrating your financial organization with other business processes, for instance purchase and sales, you can conduct transactions much faster and keep track of the cash flow. Further, it allows you to create standard and customized reports, based on current data, for planning and examination reports.

Sales and Client Management

To be successful, it is vital to get new clients. However, retaining and strengthening current client relations is just as important. SAP Business One provides you with the tools needed to manage the entire sales process and your clientele in an efficient way; from the initial contact, to completed sales and the service that follows with it. You can also manage marketing campaigns and analyze the results of these.

The system’s functions give a complete overview of current and potential clients, for you to understand and fulfill their needs. Here, you can save time by creating reports for the aspects of the sales processes, including prognoses and pipelines, with the use of existing templates. The result will be the opportunity to convert potential clients into real ones, increase sales and keeping your clients satisfied.


Purchasing and Warehouse Management

All small and medium sized organizations are in the need of a system that can manage procurement processes; from quotation, to requests and supplier payments. SAP Business One will assist you during the entire process of order to payment, including receipts, returns and payments. With a user-friendly interface, the system makes it possible to manage detailed information, but also to review account balances and purchase analyses. It also allows you to maintain detailed item and purchase information, combined with price lists and tax information.

The report tools make it easy to compare suppliers and prices, which makes negotiations more efficient and allows you to identify ways to cut costs.


Serial and batch numbers are available on several places in the system. This availability allows for identification of expiration dates, thanks to reports and alerts.

The serial number is a unique number for every item, and every serial number is registered in the system at a serial card. Batch number works in the same way as serial numbers; the difference is that several items can be connected to one batch. By using serial and batch number, it becomes easier to track a certain item, or items within a batch.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

SAP Business One provides high capacity tools for analyses and reports. The package also consists of free of charge and fully integrated version of SAP Crystal Reports® for SAP Business One, which allows you to store data from multiple sources and create fast and detailed reports based on information concerning the entire organization. SAP Crystal Reports is integrated to Microsoft Office and allows you to chose between a set of report formats and to decide who should have access to the information.

With an analyze options hosted by SAP HANA, SAP Business One uses memorized calculations to create analyzes and reports. You get access to predefined dashboards and live reports, as well as productivity tools that eases decision making. You can create customized forms and questionnaires that fulfills certain requirements, without technical education. Further, you can adjust settings to define exchange rates, set parameters for authorization, and create functions for imports and exports supporting emails and internal mails.


The service module provides an efficient support for registration and statistics through allowing the users to report service requests in the system. They can also allocate service requests to other users in SAP. There is a possibility to save solutions in a data base, that everyone can benefit from, especially new employees. Customer service has access to several reports, for internal and external measurements.

If your client has a service agreement or guarantee connected to SAP Business One, the demands will be automatically transferred from the agreement to the service request. You connect relevant documents to the service request, but also activities that will appear as notices for the user in question. This will help you maintain a good contact with the client.


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