The smart employee portal.

Planfish is a cloud-based employee portal that makes administrative processes easier and less time-consuming, and serves as support for both manager and employee. In Planfish, you can, among other things, manage absence registrations, performance appraisals inventory, employee data, documents, and much more. By collecting all important data concerning the employees in one place, both control and efficiency can be achieved. Planfish makes it easy to create structure and digitize basic data and documentation.

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Employee data

In Planfish you can enter all important employee data; for example, employment contract, fitness allowance, address, contact information. This makes it easy for the employee to find, and even in some cases edit, the information that is saved. In the employee register, the employee can also easily find contact information for all his colleagues.

Important documents can be saved to the employee’s profile; both at the individual level and at the company level. Documents at the individual level can only be shown by the employee himself and could be an employment contract. Documents at company level are visible on all employees’ profiles and could be the corporate policy.

Project Management

Inventory management

Do you also have a number of computers, mobile phones and keys that circulate in the company and that are difficult to keep track of? With Planfish, we have made this process both simple and smooth, with a clearly defined process that creates control. This is done by entering all inventory information in the system, and by deciding which employee should be responsible for the allocation of each inventory group. Inventory management is an important part of the onboarding and offboarding processes.


The process of managing performance appraisals in a rewarding and efficient way becomes smooth thanks to Planfish. With the help of Planfish, the manager can prepare his conversations by creating questions, and then put together templates based on these questions. The employees are then invited to their interviews, and at the same time have access to the questionnaire. Both the manager and the employee can then answer the questions, which creates a good opportunity for, not the least the employee, to reflect on their work situation, and then bring these thoughts to the performance appraisal. Planfish will show how big the difference is between the two parties’ answers, which makes it clear what the focus needs to be during the conversation, but also what goals the employee should have for the coming year.



Welcoming a new employee is important for many reasons. The first impressions will set the tone for the rest of the employment. In addition, a thorough and structured introduction in the form of training and workshops can lead to the employee being able to get started with their work tasks more quickly. In order for you to succeed in a professional way with your onboarding, we have built a function in Planfish that manages these processes. Here you define which tasks need to be completed during the onboarding; for example to send out a welcome email, book training and follow-up calls, and so on. Here, you also define which inventories must be ready on the employee’s first day.


Just as onboarding is important, it is critical that employees who are about to quit have a good last time at the workplace. Even after the employee has left, he or she is a symbol of the brand and can spread the word about you as an employer or partner to others. It is also important that the employee is involved and has tasks until the last day; until then, he or she is still an employee who needs to be able to contribute. Planfish makes it possible to structure the process around offboarding by defining tasks.


Absence management

Avoid applying for holidays via paper forms or to report sick leave via email, all of which is easily missed. Instead, the employee can report all types of absence in Planfish herself. As a manager, you can then easily approve the applications that require it; also easily directly in Planfish. This handling makes the process of absence significantly faster, as time-consuming steps can be reduced.