The key to digitalization

Create a streamlined solution.

In order for the introduction of digitized processes to reach its full potential, the systems must be interconnected. There is valuable time to save here, as it will no longer be necessary to enter data separately in each system. Through an integration, the systems can share data between each other and function as a single, interconnected unit. That way you can work much more efficiently, as well as reduce the risk of manual errors.

Addons act as a complement to the business system and make it possible to further tailor the business system to your specific needs. We offer a number of standard solutions for you to choose from.

Our AddOns


With Swedepack, a standard to simplify financial processes in SAP Business One for Swedish companies is created. Swedepack offers the opportunity to periodise journal entires, credits, batches, and outgoing and ingoing invoices. The payment function makes several manual steps less necessary, and a number of standard reports that are useful for companies that operate in Sweden are included. Here you can find reports for the ledger, balance sheets, income statements, VAT, accounts receivable and accounts payable.

With Swedepack, the SIE-4 format is generated from SAP Business One, including accounting data at a transaction level.


nShift Online

Do you work with e-commerce and want to structure your deliveries? With this integration you can integrate your ERP with nShift Online and make your work with deliveries simpler and much more efficient. Find out more about Unifaun Online here! 




Do you want to get out of having to work twice with your data between you ERP and the webshop? With an integration between the systems, you will have live information about, for instance, the stock availability and new orders. We work with Magento, Shopify and Woo Commerce, among others, where we can build integrations for our clients and their SAP Business One.

Attestation & Invoice Scanning

By integrating your ERP with, for instance, Ascendo Invoice, Medius Flow or Palette Invoice, you can in an efficient way code and attest your invoices. We have long experience from managing invoices, and we know which solution might be suitable for your organization.

Third party logistics

Third Party Logistics

By integrating your ERP with, for instance Bonver, Ongoing, Postnord or APC, managing the logistics becomes much more easy. Documents are directly transferred, without imposition. This allows you to keep track of your flows; from order to delivery.

Other integrations

In addition to the solutions mentioned above, we offer several other solutions and programs that you can integrate with your ERP. For instance, we have built solutions for organizations who use systems for time registrations, project management or production, like Artologik and ProMark.


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