Support for SEIDOR Nordics Addons & Integrations

As customer to SEIDOR Nordics, you have the right to get the support that is needed for the use of the solution (add-on and/or integration built by SEIDOR Nordics). SEIDOR offers a variety of addons and integrations that will make the use of your ERP more efficient and customized.

The scope of this support includes:
– Software updates and enhancements includes maintenance releases, new versions, additions and modifications to the software.
– Problem resolution:

  • Email ticket opened/call received from customer
  • Classify support incident
  • Assign consultant/developer
  • Initiate work to correct the error
  • Periodic reports on the status of the correction

Support incidents may be handled by SEIDOR Nordics Support, SEIDOR Nordics Consultants or SEIDOR Nordics Developers. If the problem is related to the customer or the customer use of the add-on/integration, each incident will be billed by 150 euro per hour. If customer terminates support and wants to reinstate support, customer must pay the support fees that would have been due if customer was under support for the entire period.
SEIDOR Nordics will make the most recent releases (new versions, updates and upgrades) available for our customers as they are or become available. Services will be provided with respect to only the current version and the previous version of the software.

-changes to the operating system or use of the software on equipment other than the equipment for which such software was designed and licensed for use
– any alterations or modifications of or additions to the software performed by anyone other than SEIDOR Nordics
– use of the software in a manner for which it was not designed
– interconnection of the software with other software not supplied or approved in advance by SEIDOR Nordics
– support for a version of the software that is no longer supported
– improper use of software or attempted maintenance by unauthorized persons
– implementing and installing all software corrections, enhancements, bug fixes, upgrades, updates, improvements and extension according to the technical documentation
– certain major upgrades require implementation services, which are not included as part of maintenance and support
– and use in violation of the instructions or the software documentation from SEIDOR Nordics.

The customer is responsible for granting SEIDOR Nordics. access to the environment where the add-on or integration is installed.