Find your perfect solution.

Our goal is to find the right solution for every client. Since no organization is the same, we create customized solutions, for you to get the most out of the solution. We have developed a number of AddOns that allow you to customize the solution to fit your unique needs. Below you can read more about the AddOns that we have created, and what integrations you can to to other systems.

In addition, we have developed an HR solution. The thing is that we recognized a need to gather and store all personnel related data in one place, in order for administrative tasks to strengthen, and not limit the creativity of your organization. We chose to call this solution Planfish. Here, you can manage everything from vacation applications, performance appraisals and inventories, to project planning, time registrations and expense management.

AddOns & Integrations

No organization is the same as the other. In order for you to use your ERP in the best way possible.

Here you can find out more about our AddOns and integrations!



We do not want administrative tasks to stand in the way for creativity. That is why we developed Planfish; a cloud based HR solution. Here, you can store personnel data, do time registrations, prepare for performance appraisals and manage projects. All in the same place!

Find out more and get inspired by Planfish here.