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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an all-in-one, cloud based solution, that was launched by Microsoft during the spring of 2018. It is considered to be the new NAV generation of Microsoft. The solution is powerful and complete, and focuses on the processes of small and medium sized organizations, all delivered in the cloud. Streamline your processes, enhance customer relations and enable further growth with the support of Business Central.


Sales & Services

Do you wish to structure your client contacts and get guidance on how to increase sales and get new business opportunities? Business Central will support you through the entire sales cycle. Here, you can increase your sales productivity by making sure that potential sales soon become reality. The sales and service functions make it possible to act faster on sales related issues.

The direct integration to Outlook allows you to immediately get your service requests and payment processes into Business Central. The solution provides an overview of your service tasks and the current workload.

Operations Management

By optimizing your organization and its processes, your manufacturing and warehouse management can become even more efficient. There is no longer a need to do updates on delivery dates. Now, products will be delivered in time, while costs will be cut. By keeping a more close track of the production scheme, you can meet the demands of your clients in a simpler and more cost efficient way.​

The sales prognoses in Business Central make it possible for you to automatically generate production plans and create purchase orders. Business Central holds a function that automatically compares demand with stock availability. The solution gives on overview of the warehouse, which makes it easier and more efficient to meet the demand.


Supply Chain Management

Get a deeper insight to your organization’s delivery chain and a tighter control over your purchase processes.

Business Central supports you supply chain management, and gives you the opportunity to review when there is a need to restock any item. You will get constant information on your stock value, through dynamic updates of the stock level. This will allow you to constantly deliver according to your clients’ wishes, as well as avoid losing sales.

The functions in this module also provides recommendations on when you may obtain discounts on your items, in order for you to be able to offer the best price possible to your clients.

Project Management

Business Central allows you to create, manage and track your projects, with the support of time reports and a function for advanced cost registration and reports. You can use these function to achieve profitable projects, by developing, changing and controlling the budget during the course of the project. Staying organized is always important to keep the deadline. With the support from Business Central, you can manage resource levels by making plans for your capacity and sales. The functions in this module allow you to make more efficient decisions and to review the real time status and profitability of the project, as well as resources needed for the project.

Project Management

Reports and Analyzes

By using Business Central, you get a deeper analysis of your organization. The tool for reports and analyzes makes it easier to integrate your data to Excel, and then analyze it on your own dashboards. You can analyze your data in the integrated Power BI system, and create your own charts.​ With Business Central you can, for instance, create dashboards for each item card, in order to review statistics for every item. This allows you to review, for instance, how much the item has been sold in the past and in what period it has been sold the most.


It is time to merge accounting, sales, purchasing, stock and client management into a complete view of your organization.

Business Central allows you to create real time charts of your financial results, with the support from the Business Intelligence tool. The automatic reconciliation of your accounts is managed by the system, which allows you to get faster and more precise reports. Business Central makes financial processes more efficient, by making it possible for you to analyze data through several dimensions and by using customized reports, integrated to Excel.


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