This is LittleFish.

LittleFish was founded in 2006. Our first office was opened in the Swedish coastal town Halmstad. We feel like home here, so this office still remains. We often get the question where the name LittleFish comes from. Well, the idea has its roots in the fact that we are a SAP Partner, which makes as a little fish in the great SAP ocean.

Since opening that first office, our business has expanded and we are now a team of 14 driven people. Besides the HQ in Halmstad, we have an office at World Trade Center in Gothenburg.

What has not changed since 2006, is our passion and our will to find the perfect solution for our clients. Every client is unique and brings with them a wide range of knowledge, histories and challenges. We always want to learn about new industries and strive towards finding ways for our clients to reach their future goals and visions.

We are a small organization, but that allows us to work close with our clients and to make sure that they feel taken care of.

We strive towards making the time between decision and execution to be as fast and uncomplicated as possible.

We are flexible, and our mission is to find the right solution for every client. There is no standard version; every implementation is made after the needs of the client.

We want to become even better.

Our goal is simple: to deliver the best solution to every client, using first class service. To succeed with this, we need to keep on developing and challenging ourselves. It is always fun to get proof that what we do makes a difference. Below, you can find some of the awards that we have received during the last years.

2008: SME Partner of the Year 2007. Sweden

2009: SME Partner of the Year 2008. Sweden

2011: SAP Business One Partner of the Year 2010

2015: SAP Best Growing Reseller in the Nordics 2014

2017: SAP Best Performance Innovation in the Nordics 2016

2018: SAP Best VAR Cloud EMEA 2017

2020: SAP Best CAR Cloud EMEA 2019

2020: SAP Best Growing Reseller in the Nordics 2019

2020: SAP Best Performing Revenue in the Nordics 2019

Want to know more about LittleFish?

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