The future is in the cloud.

We believe in a cloud based future. A future where administrative tasks simply work, thanks to an ERP that does not compromise with details or quality. With great experience within the field of ERP and IT support, we strive towards finding the right solution that fits the unique needs of every company. This has been our mission since 2006.

We are a small company, but we carry many years of experience. Our focus is to get to know our customers, to find the best solution to fit their unique goals and dreams. Our mission is to always build and retain strong relationships with our clients, and to grow and learn together with them. We do this be delivering ERP’s and HR solutions that will help our customers reach their goals.

Digital HRM solution?

We made it simple and cloud based. Find out more about our HR solution Planfish here!

When all those things that can go wrong are managed by SAP Business One, you can focus on what actually creates value and get a more efficient organization.

SAP Business One is based in the cloud and can be used every where, at any time. All you need is the Internet! This creates both security and flexibility.

By gathering and storing all your data in the same place, you get control and insight in the flows of the organization.

ERP, that sounds complicated!

Actually, it does not have to be! SAP Business One is built to fit the needs of small and medium sized enterprises. Our experienced consultants are always ready to help; both during the implementation and for the processes that follow!

Find out more about SAP Business One here.

Adapt and adjust.

Our talented team has created AddOns that allow you to customize your SAP Business One to fit you organization’s unique needs. You can also integrate your ERP with other services, to become even more efficient and flexible.

Here you can read more about our AddOns and integrations.

Say hello to our clients!

We are proud of our clients and their journeys. Without them, we would be nothing! Get inspired by our clients and how they have used Littlefish and our solutions to expand their businesses.


Questions? Thoughts?

Please, do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns. We are looking forward to helping you!

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